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Great for medium and large-scale banners, the 340gsm mesh can be used where the standard banner weight might be an issue. It allows 25% air-flow to pass through

Material Overview

•Printed on fine 340gsm PVC Mesh

•25% Air-flow through

•Offers enhanced image compared to other mesh

•M1/B1 Fire Rated to comply with UK and European Fire Safety Standards

•Standard finishing included

•Printed with fade-proof UV-based inks

Each banner is printed and finished to your requirements.

Our 340gsm Mesh PVC material is ideal for use on scaffolding or large building wraps.

The mesh banner material is 25% open to allow air to pass through creating less stress on the banner itself. The mesh also allows a certain amount of light through so that when used on buildings, windows are not left completely darkened.

Mesh is lighter than standard banner material which means it could be more suited where weight is an issue, such as installation or the protection of the surface it is being fixed to.

Uses for 340gsm Mesh

•Scaffolding and very large banners

•Medium and large-format advertising

•Building wraps (banners that can cover building sides)

•Heras fencing banners

340gsm Mesh is perfect for building displays where size is important and weight could be an issue.